Received XTROPTIONS.GOLD and I don't know what to do

Hi, I recently sold my laptop and the guy gave me XTROPTIONS.GOLD on this wallet. He didn’t exactly explain how to cash out on it and I’m wondering how I should do that? I just want to convert it to USD. This stuff is really overwhelming to me and I could use some help. It would be appreciated. Thanks!

It’s a scam, these coins have no value.

Im in the same boat with you. As far as I can tell you have two options, try and find someone to trade you for some bitcoins and then cash out from coinbase or something similar or you can try to use your troptions to buy something else off craigslist or facebook market place and then sell it for cash. youre going to have to ask a ton of people if they are willing to accept crypto until you find someone who will

That will not work as XTROPTIONS.GOLD have no trading value.

No one wants to buy it.