[ANN] Start of the Counterparty Foundation 2019 Election - Nomination Period (Jun 10th - July 1st)


Announcing the Start of the Counterparty Foundation 2019 Election - Nomination Period (June 10th - July 1st)

The Counterparty Foundation is a group dedicated to advancing the Counterparty protocol and its products, educating the community on the Counterparty technology, driving global Counterparty awareness, and ensuring Counterparty remains a successful and growing platform.

The Foundation is governed by five Community Directors.

Today, we’re happy to announce the start of the Counterparty Foundation Community Directors 2019 election.

For the next three weeks, from June 10th till July 1st, we are inviting everyone to participate in the election process by nominating candidates to fill five Community Director seats. The only requirement for the nomination is that the candidate hold at least 50 XCP and prove this by broadcasting a message from his or her address with the name of the nominee.

This will be the official election thread used to gather the names and addresses of qualifying candidates.

If you would like to nominate yourself or another candidate, please reply to this thread with the following candidate information:

  • First and Last name
  • Bio
  • Picture
  • Bitcoin address (must have at least 50 XCP)
  • Tx of the broadcast used to verify the ownership of 50 XCP

On July 1st, Names and addresses of all candidates will be published and a 2-week long voting period will begin. During this voting period a Foundation Election Q&A thread will posted where community members can ask questions of the candidates to help them better understand the candidates position on certain issues, and their plans for how to best move Counterparty forward.

After the two week long voting period, at the voting closing block, the top five addresses that receive the highest number of votes will be announced as winners, and their owners receive Community Director positions for the term of one year.

We’re looking forward to your candidacy and hope this election will be a fair, successful and transparent process of selecting the best candidates to fill these key positions.

The current Counterparty Foundation bylaws under which the elected foundation will operate is available here. After the new community directors are elected, they can propose and vote on any changes to the bylaws as needed.

Counterparty foundation in 2019? New updates?

I nominate Hon. Larry Shelton.

First and Last name: Shelton, Larry
Prefix: Hon.
Bio: Ambassador Diplomat: FWL UN

Gender: I’m not sure, but I imagine that it’s fluid-yet-solid.
Bitcoin address (must have at least 50 XCP): He’s got one, I’ve seen it, it has at least 50 XCP.
Tx of the broadcast used to verify the ownership of 50 XCP: We will prove funds if he decides to accept his nomination.


It appears that Japan is an important market for counterparty and counterparty based tokens.

*Zaif is probably the only significant exchange to list both counterparty XCP and counterparty tokens Pepecash and bitcrystals.

*IndieSquare (and Koji Higashi) appears to maintain an ongoing interest and involvement in supporting the use of counterparty tokens.

This interview is somewhat dated, but nonetheless interesting:

“IndieSquare Wallet talks Japanese Culture, Counterparty, and Gaming Tokens in Tokyo”

It would seem beneficial for the foundation to have one member from Japan, given Japan’s prominence in counterparty usage and liquidity.

*Someone from Fisco corporate. Fisco is a publicly listed company, and now owns the Zaif exchange.

*Koji Higashi (IndieSquare)

*Takao Asayama (president of Tech Bureau)
It is conceivable that Asayama-san has some lingering legal issues relating to problems at Zaif previous to its sale, as well as the Comsa token offerings. But if that has settled down, he is forward-thinking and well connected.

I’m sure there are other possibilities here in Japan.

But in general, a question: Does it seem likely that other foundation directors would be interested in working with a Japanese director, and would a Japanese director be welcomed\supported by the Counterparty community?



Thank you for spearheading the initiative here. I know some like to critique the effectiveness of a foundation but I think it’s a sensible and much needed positive step-forward in providing a ‘mouthpiece’ to more effectively align incentives and steer a community (especially a fragmented or low morale one) forward and upwards.

NEM for instance has had quite a few changes in foundation and structure over the years.
Recently the foundation wasn’t in good shape and optimism was way low

New elections occured and over the next year, things began looking much rosier, morale increased greatly and the new leader (and the foundation in general) got looked upon as very positive forces

I will comment a little later with more input specifically wrt elections.

But in general, a question: Does it seem likely that other foundation directors would be interested in working with a Japanese director, and would a Japanese director be welcomed\supported by the Counterparty community?

@IJIN Crypto-community is borderless and open. I think the Japanese community (definitely some of the name you mentioned and others) have been instrumental in evangelizing/developing and supporting the counterparty project so far. I believe a Japanese director would be fully welcomed and by the Counterparty community. (certainly by me, thumbs up there)


Thanks again for the quick and positive follow-up!

It is good to hear some interest in having a Japanese director on the Foundation.

If any of the senior Counterparty community developers/leaders have ongoing relationships in the Japanese cryptocurrency space, I think it would helpful for them to reach out and gauge interest among potential director candidates.

One of the more problematic issues may be finding someone who can communicate effectively in English in real-time.

Koji Higashi clearly has good English skills (based on youtube video w Chris Derose) and would be a good candidate.

I am not sure about T. Asayama’s English skills, but he is likely well-funded enough to have staff who can ensure smooth communication. The main issues are whether or not he has cleared his plate of legal issues, and whether or not his reputation and influence in Japan are still strong.

Fisco is more of a traditional Japanese company, so I imagine initial contacts would be best made in Japanese (I could help with that). But assuming that they want to maintain English language support at their exchanges and stay on top of industry trends, they must have technical and marketing staff who are proficient in English.

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FYI, Koji Higashi was already a community director in the past and did a great job. He was always full of creative ideas and eager to work on Counterparty. I think he would make a good addition to the CP foundation :slight_smile:


I nominate myself.

First and Last name: Ryan Baptiste
BTC Address: 1EuFfnego8Pgb3P1VuUdh283tewQws8Qd1
Tx: https://xchain.io/tx/5a87309f401bd62345e046c5f2b96069a6fe14f64c5b9352996dc17a03a86f9f

The biggest reason I want to be a member of the Counterparty Foundation is my love for the Counterparty Protocol.

I first learned about CP 4 years ago. I was instantly enamored in three ways:

  1. XCP creation. It wasn’t a scam creation to enrich the creators. It was created for the good of the community. The creators had no obligation to burn the Bitcoin. It was a selfless display of gratitude to Satoshi and the Bitcoin Blockchain.

  2. It’s historic, history making. XCP utilizes the world’s most secure computing network created by Satoshi. I believe Satoshi would be truly enamored by XCP. It protects, secures, and serves as he intended.

  3. The community. Time and time again, I am incredibly impressed by the selfless acts of our leaders. They could of easily given up and cashed in elsewhere, but instead, they stayed course and continued to work.

I truly believe I would make a great foundation member if awarded.

I’m fair, I’m honest, hardworking, and creative.

No matter the price swings or chatter, I have NEVER lost faith in CP and it’s potential.

If you vote for me, I won’t let the CP community down.

It would truly be my honor to serve you.

Thank you!




I would like to nominate Devon Weller.

I do not know Devon personally and never talked to him, but I followed his CP work and threads over the years.

I was always super impressed by Devon and his ability.

The work he has done to lower the TX fees is A++.

I believe Devon resigned from the foundation before, but I would love to welcome him back if he would accept this nomination.

I don’t want Devon to miss the upcoming party :), come on Devon!


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My official notice here. https://www.xcpelectionnotice.com/