XFC COINS LOST please help


Fekko? i participated in the xfc ico and got my coins in mw wallet. today i check and i dont have xfc coins, i wanna participate in the fantasy football but cannot find my coins


Did you write your passphrase right? If you make a typo you get into another empty wallet.

Can you post your counterwallet address?


You can use a Counterparty explorer to see whether the coins were sent. If they haven’t been sent, contact the ICO people.


It was sent since it was once in my counterwallet.




No balance and no sends this address is empty.

Are you sure you used that address in the xfc ico?

Maybe try freewallet.io to check if you can see your coins there. Inside freewallet you can easily switch to other adresses available in your counterwallet. Maybe coins are there at another address?