Sweep Private Keys- Issue

Did you already do 5) sendrawtransaction?

Was so happy and forgot about step 5))) Now done! Happy! Want to send some BTC to you for your great help. I can never acomplish this alone. Send me your BTC address please!

You’re welcome! 19dBTAZBUbCXKP8Psbc5daoFJBNsMggxD9

Sent! Have a good day!

Can any one help out?

This time I have a similar issue on counterwallet.

I try to sweep but it leaves the XCP in the online btc wallet and only moves the btc.

The loading screen freezes on the first step and nothing happens apart from me receiving a notification that I have sent a small amount of btc ( presumably the miners fee) for the transaction.

The xcp tokens remain in my online wallet.

If you have any suggestions please feel free

Sweep sometimes does not work you should try tomorrow. In the import dialog only select the XCP and deselect the BTC. If it still not work then you can use a manual raw transaction.

I have a similar problem. Purchased some XFC using a BTC address I control try to import it into counter wallet using private key starting with 5, the sweep function recognises both the BTC & XFC at that address, I select both but when I sweep it says ‘preparing outputs for transaction chaining’ then 5-10 minutes later it just says ‘error’

I have tried to import just the XFC but that doesn’t work either. I’m not able to download the whole 200GB Bitcoin blockchain client and am not very technical either. What could be the next easiest thing I could try? Thanks

Try on another day again. Or use the website coinb.in there you can create a raw transaction. I did not try this myself but others were successful.

Ok I tried yesterday, but I will try tomorrow. Yes I saw your steps for a raw transaction, not sure I’d be able to follow that but I will give it a try if I have too. Thanks for your help. Is XCP still under active development? Seems like just importing tokens is a longstanding issue.

Yes CP is under active development. Feel free to checkout www.counterparty.io/news for more information/updates

Aah thanks, I see there is a lot going on actually and with good updates. Wonder why the sweep issue is such a lingering problem then. (Edit: In Omni for example you can import private key and send tokens fairly easy, I would have thought XCP attached tokens to BTC addresses in a similar way.)

Has anyone used this before is it safe?


when I paste the WIF, then i can see how many XCP and how many BTC.

when click “Sweep”.

I can see “Preparing output for transactions chaining”.

but , then I see “error”.

I use chrome and firefox, I can see what wrong with it:

{“message”: "Error composing send transaction via API: Insufficient BTC at address
1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Need approximately 0.xxxxxxBTC.) To spend unconfirmed coins, use the flag

--unconfirmed. (Unconfirmed coins cannot be spent from multi\u2010sig addresses.)", “code”: -32001}

BUT, the btc is confirmed for some days , please help me !

Do you sweep both XCP and BTC? What happens when unselect the BTC and only sweep the XCP?

Maybe send some more BTC to the address and try sweep again.

Hi same here, i want to “sweep” 100 SJCX and i have 0.00127149 BTC and keeps throwing me an error. I don’t know what to do…

Do you get the same error “Need approximately 0.xxxxxxBTC” and how much does it approximate?

You could use a raw transaction which you sign and send using coinb.in

my wallet.counterwallet.io have enough BTC.
and my blockchain.info have enough BTC too.
but now , when i sweep, is still wrong.

thank you very much ! but to me , it is xcp . what to do?

You can check how much xcp are hidden at the wrong address using https://xchain.io/

  1. In web browser goto “coinb.in”
  2. Click New=>Transaction on top
  3. Enter the public address where your xcp are currently
  4. Click load => you see Inputs transactions with alt coins
  5. Click on Outputs
  6. Enter your public counterwallet address
  7. Enter amount minimum 0.00005430 (btc dust) and adjust so Transaction Fee is 0.001
  8. Click Submit and see if any errors => you get a raw transaction number
  9. Click Verify on top
  10. Paste the raw transaction number
  11. Click submit and check for errors
  12. Click Sign on top
  13. Enter your private bitcoin address and paste the raw transaction number
  14. Click submit and check for errors => you get a signed transaction number
  15. Click Broadcast on top
  16. Paste the signed transaction number
  17. Click submit and check for errors => you get a txid, save it
    => Done!

You can use the txid later to check if your transaction got confirmed e.g. in https://blockchain.info/

If anyone finds some steps are wrong please correct me.

I tried it myself today but only got some small btc and not the altcoins I wanted to sweep.
What is wrong in these steps?