Sweep Private Keys- Issue

I have a private compressed key (start with L), I see the coins in the field correctly, I have BTC for fees. in fact, there were some movements between address of the wallet that you can see 1DWcSApmoYSSQYuD2cshe3U6G1B18ZF7dB , wich allow to think that counterwallet had access to the address and the private key is correctly add… but I have the exaclty same results that evolution with FLDC (i have sjcx)

@bitcoins: In Counterwallet website import you need the 5 private key.

  1. Convert your L private key at www.bitaddress.org to a 5 private key
  2. Try again import at counterwallet website.

Hi! i did what you suggest, but same;
The sweep from address 1LEd… is complete.
Sweep results:

SJCX: Funds not sent due to failure.
This action will take some time to complete, and will appear as a Pending Action until confirmed on the network. Until that time, the wallet will not reflect the change. Please be patient.

then, it is the same result trying WIF and compressed wallets…

OT but related, it is possible to sweep the tokens in different wallet (not at counterwallet?) or it is needed counterwallet to sign any sjcx movements?

@bitcoins: OK then I can help you with the manual console steps to sweep as well.
Do you use Linux or Windows?
What is your coin type and amount?
What is your source public bitcoin address?
What is your target public counterwallet address?

ok, thank you very much for the help, lets try it!!
sjcx 4000

  1. Download curl from http://www.paehl.com/open_source/?download=curl_753_1_ssl.zip
  2. extract zipped curl.exe to c:
    We need this tool to create the manual transaction.
    (If you do not trust this site tell me.)

i have it, (i checked the link from curl site)

  1. Open a cmd shell in c:\ (e.g. in Windows Explorer goto C:\ and type cmd in the address line and press enter)
  2. type curl and press enter
    => you should see: “curl: try ‘curl --help’ or ‘curl --manual’ for more information”

ok i did it.
can you post all the procedure, and if I don’t know how to do it I will ask to you?
thaks foldinger!

  1. Paste this command as one line in the cmd shell (e.g. using right mouse button in cmd shell) and press enter

curl.exe --user rpc:1234 -H “Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8” -H “Accept:application/json, text/javascript” --data “{“method”: “create_send”, “params”: { “source”: “1DWcSApmoYSSQYuD2cshe3U6G1B18ZF7dB”, “destination”: “1Bua55xbEoM2XJExybFp1tq9n7YQqLpgjr”, “asset”: “SJCX”, “quantity”: 400000000000}, “jsonrpc”: “2.0”, “id”: 1 }” http://public.coindaddy.io:4000/api/

It uses your source and target adress and asset type and quantity in satoshi

Maybe it says you have not enough BTC for transaction then you need to send the requested amount to address.

=> You get a curl result number, save that to a text file.

  1. Open bitcoin-qt console and call signrawtransaction command with your curl result number from step 3

signrawtransaction "curl result number"

=> if no error occured, save the result raw transaction number to the text file.

  1. Again in bitcoin-qt console call sendrawtransaction command with your raw transaction number from step 4

sendrawtransaction "raw transaction number"

=> if no error occured, you are done!

  1. Just wait the usual time until the transaction shows in bitcoin wallet and counterwallet

uhh I don’t have bitcoin-qt…
It is a counterwallet bug or something simmilar?
there are any alternative wallet to use in counterwallet “chain”?

Address that I created in Counterwallet to import FLDC?
It is 1Mc2omnefcMBoL26ALNziqmxmbwCabJxpE

I mean Bitcoin Core

You need to import the BTC adress with SJCX to your local Bitcoin Core or else the above commands do not work.

Please open linux shell and enter command
What does it return?

@bitcoins I sweeped STRJ without problems few days ago. But now have problems with FLDC

@foldinger curl: try ‘curl --help’ or ‘curl --manual’ for more information

Is the source btc address, where your FLDC currently are located, in your local Bitcoin Core client?

@foldinger no

Where is it? Maybe we need to import it to a local BitCoin Core client first.