Selling 9,625 XCP - I don't know how! I'm NEW! Help!


So I had a trippy experience with a Free Mason. Randomly, I was given nearly 9,625 xcp as a gift from him. I want to exchange it for BTC so I can sell it for USD.

How do I go about doing this? If anyone would like to buy, let me know and tell me how to do it. Thank you so much in advanced! Sorry if this was already asked.

Use a dispenser, enter into your wallet and open up a dispenser at a BTC price point you desire. People are free to send you BTC and get XCP according to your sell rate trustlessly.

Hi there If you are still looking to sell let me know I can send USD if that is what you are looking for. Tdays price looks to be just about USD1

@Temple_Melville hello! Yes I am very interested. How do I go about with this? Thank you!

Perhaps you would consider paying it forward by donating to the new foundation once it is established

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Hi i also wanna sell some of my xcp and lot of troptions… pls lemme knw my email is

Hello pls lemme knw if u were able to sell your xcp as i too wanna sell some?

let me know if you are still interested i have a alot of it i am trying to sell