[Q&A] Counterparty Foundation Election 2019 Q&A

Nice post Duncan!

Duncan, can you help get me unbanned for being too enthusiastic?

Actually, why is none of the candidates attempting to help me???

I would be the first one to ask if you need help! We shouldn’t stand for censoring!!!

And where is “accountability” with all this???

It’s so ironic we have a permisionless protocol and an election candidate is being banned! Am I the only one who sees a problem with this???

Remember, I am being punished for being too enthusiastic and self promoting during an election.

I was banned for apologizing. This is not a theory, it’s a FACT. The TRUTH!

Ryan Baptiste :us:



I have been unbanned from the official chat room.

TY Helene and Jeremy and anyone else who lobbied for my return.

I will not discuss this issue again.

Thank you for doing what was right! No hard feelings, my only goal is to make XCP the best crypto on the :earth_americas:.

Ryan Baptiste :us:
Candidate #2



I’ve noticed that you use the USA flag emjoi in your posts much more then other candidates.
XCP is a worldwide software platform. In an election that pertains to XCP, what significance does this symbol represent to you and how does it relate to XCP?

Also, I am curious about what you think are valuable leadership skills. Should a leader be dramatic? Should a leader be humble? Should a leader focus on the people who put trust in them or should a great leader focus on themselves?

Thanks for your insights.


Thanks Poorshun!

Yes! I am for the USA. This is my home country and the best in world.

As I’ve stated before, you can use the protocol however you want as long as it’s law abiding activities of the users place of residence.

While CP is a worldwide platform, I will use it to represent myself and my country! It’s my right and I’m proud of that fact.

I think a good leader is anyone who can inspire good change, that can listen to others, and can come to the “truth”.

While some of my posts above may seem selfish, that was not my intent.

My intent was to show the harm of me being banned, an election candidate. (Sorry, I said I would not talk about this again, however it pertains to the question.) It wasn’t for me, it was to prove a point. Hopefully I accomplished that, but maybe not.

My only goal is to make CP the best in the world. If that requires the truth, I will use that.

I’ve continually praised many of our candidates and leaders above.

I am not above anybody, poor, rich, smart,

If anyone would like to talk via phone. My line is always open.

Thank you!

Ryan Baptiste :us:

If you look at this link via my Twitter, you will see I’m 100% serious. That is all I wear.


Hi CP community!

I will have a major announcement in 36 hours.

Please hold any voting powers until then.

It means a lot, more than you can imagine to me to get into the foundation as a board member and join these incrediably smart fellow candidates.

Ryan Baptiste :us:
Candidate #2



My view on what CP is deteriorating

To revive CP I think it is important to think about the position of the person who purchases XCP.
We need to find a sense of security and goals by buying XCP. If the individual sets the unit price appropriately, causes the bubble, and feels that the person who bought it feels lost, as in the present, it will never get close again. In order not to do so, bidding rules are required. You should guarantee the value of your token by the amount of XCP held. You need to collect XCP yourself to increase the value of your token.

If the buyer recognizes that XCP can express the value of one person’s life, I think that the current price is too low.

The day will surely come when many people think that they want to buy XCP at BTC.

And it is important for us to create a mechanism that does not make our supporters feel lost.

The main issue is the cost of operating the current CP.

First of all, I think it is necessary to deposit the XCP of the XCP mass holder of the board of directors in the system.

In this way, the buyer will be sold a large amount of XCP and will not suffer from valuation losses.

Then, it is good for the XCP deposited to be automatically returned to the deposited person by the system whenever the value of the XCP goes up. The Foundation should collect a 10% fee upon return.

Those who deposit will no longer need to keep pace with the change in value of XCP. I think that I can fix the free XCP, and the purchaser can recognize the rarity.

I think the goal is to raise the value of XCP and get it back. Those who wish to purchase XCP can also have a sense of security that can not be sold in large quantities by the whims of mass holders.

However, in order to raise funds for the time being, if the trust of Dr.SATOSI NAKAMOTO can be obtained and the BTC can raise the value of the initial XCP, it can show a sense of presence in the society, and development funds Will also bring about an effect that can be obtained.

If I am more capable, and 2,860,000 XRP or 50 BTC, which was taken away from my purchase when XRP is obout 0.5 JPY, is returned from Gatehub, I will be able to make more donations, but now I am giving it to myself. There is no ability. I purchased only 100XCP in 1 BTC at the time of 2015. The price of XCP is currently too low.

I feel that the value of being able to put my token on BTC BLOCKCHAIN ​​is nearly infinite, no matter how many people let out XCP and sell it cheaply. However, although fate may be entrusted to the future rule making, I do not think that the genius who can be here will misjudge. Let us complete a CP that is full of consideration by our fingers. The people here should definitely do it. And be sure to win the trust of the buyer. BTC is there to buy XCP. XCP is an important favorite for me.

Human beings are creatures that can create the purpose of their own life.



This is a man who doesn’t speak English! That’s effort!

I also believe XCP will be worth more than BTC!

Ryan Baptiste :us:


Where are the individuals asking for votes located?

I am located in New York City

What do the individuals plan to do specifically with the foundation?

I plan to fulfill my duties as established by the Counterparty bylaws to the best of my ability with the end goal of promoting counterparty use and adoption. I would also like to work on educational outreach as part of this goal producing point of sale marketing materials that explains what counterparty is, and what it can do in easy to understand language with graphics.

What are the most important issues for them and how will they tackle these specific issues?

Teaching people why they may want to use Counterparty and how they can use it if they choose.
Getting BTC pair transactions to somehow ‘work’ better on the DEx. I am not a developer though so I am open to suggestions and testing

Collecting funds for an org with generalized concepts but no detailed plans or goals makes it difficult to assess future accountability and integrity.

Counterparty has a roadmap (https://counterparty.io/roadmap/), I think it’s a relatively well detailed plan, although I am open to expanding it. I also don’t see my role as primarily to collect funds, it would be nice but I don’t think fundraising in the end all be all of my service as a community director.

You have $5000 in funds that must be spent within your first month at the new foundation. Break down how you would use those funds and why.

$3,500 on servers and infrastructure. J Dog has indicated he, out of pocket, pays about ~$500 USD a month to keep some of the nuts and bolts of Counterparty going. My understanding is one of the reasons for freewallet is still ‘locked’ without and access token is because unlocking it for the masses would increase these costs. If we assume $500 a month that pays the bills for 7 months.

$1,000 Educational Point of Sale Marketing Materials – these can be distributed for free via post to anyone who submits and application that they want to distribute them at a meetup or conference event. These will last for a while and getting them printed on demand vastly increases the cost and considering we have to spend the money I think it’s a good investment to go a little bigger and have them sitting around.

$250 on setting up and funding a Counterparty (the non-profit organization) exchange account that is legally compliant for use of currency conversion by the foundation.

$250 misc money for fees, petty cash, ideas open to entire community. Why? Gotta have some fun and occasionally pay some fees to move $


Hi potential candidates, i would like to know your view on the following:
How would you create, maintain and allocate a running fund to cover the following expenses:
o DevOps:
:clubs: Main servers, web page, bootstrap images hosting. This has been covered by jdog out of pocket for the past year and a half (at least).

I wouldn’t really want to make this decision on my own on how exactly the “power” is handed off but I think 1) either an agreement to contribute to (or preferably entirely pay for) the specific servers currently run, or 2) the foundation itself should establish the required accounts and maintainers to mimic that infrastructure.

:clubs: Circle CI was taken down because the member that paid it went away, we should get that back online again.

I’m not currently familiar with this project (quick googling I think I see what you are talking about) but I think, unless sustainable reoccurring funds are obtain that the Counterparty foundation money should be left more for maintaining Counterparty infrastructure (see above)

:clubs: Improvements and bugfixes need to be tracked by someone, this should be a paid position.

I need to become more familiar with the current way this works to really answer but yes I agree CIP implementation and bug bounties are a valuable incentive and within the scope of the foundation’s mission. As to if this should be paid, or perhaps within the scope of a foundation member serving as secretary, I don’t know.

:clubs: Deployment of new instances to geodistribute counterparty.

Agreed, we need more then 1 backbone for our decentralize projects and it would make no sense to locate them within one specific geography, again see answer to bullet 1.

o DEV:
:clubs: Bug fixes, Pull request reviewal, version release control, etc.

Currently seems to work fine, I’d need to be brought up to speed on the current caveats or problems to have a real opinion.

:clubs: Improvements and additions to the XCP codebase.

I am hard fork adverse. I am pro additional optional features if they are tested and ‘don’t break anything’ – then people are free to use them

:clubs: Development or funding of already existing wallets to further their functionality.

I’d have to answer this on a case-by-case basis. The criteria, generally, would be ‘does this help everyone that uses counterparty?’ and/or ‘does this help more people use counterparty?’

o PR:
:clubs: Webpage redesign, rebranding (maybe not changing the name, but look at enjincoin’s page and look at ours, which one would you use?)

I’d consider it but not interested in spending much money on it. Perhaps I’m a grump but I’d rather look at counterparty’s site then enjincoin’s (my first time viewing it I don’t know that project)

:clubs: Newsletter, documentation, examples, youtube videos.

Do as much as you can for as little money as long as it’s not annoying (aka to many emails)

:clubs: Social media management and engagement. Not just posting a tweet once a month.

I’d be happy to do it myself, again not something I’d pay money for. I do think social media posting should be vetted by the foundation members and not up to a single individual though.

The 3rd DEV point got me worried: as maintainer of the main CP codebase, i can confirm that counterwallet code has become unwieldly and should be replaced by something different altogether. I’ve mentioned in a couple of the most popular places community members gather the possibility of funding an open source release of freewallet (which jdog has mentioned to me could be a reality if there was public action to get the funding done). However, the lack of motivation in this regards has shown me that maybe ppl aren’t that interested on getting this from the ground.

I’ve donated… and I have xchainpepe so I have all the functionality… I stan freewallet.io so I will continue to spread the word and hope people donate. Also see answer for “Development or funding of already existing wallets to further their functionality.

From what i gather, the development funds for CP are running low, and i need to dedicate my working hours to something that pays the bills as i’m not rich myself. That would mean that when the funds get depleted, i’ll have to seek other development opportunities which would mean no more updates to counterparty until someone picks up the slack.
I’m not saying that i’m the only one able to do it, it’s just that i’m the only one doing it right now and that should be an alarm to everyone interested on getting counterparty ahead. Also, this isn’t a threat, it’s just a very real consequence of the state of matters.

This isn’t really a question, but yes I acknowledge it as a problem. I hope a foundation can address this issue but I’m not sure how many deep pockets really are out there.


Thank you Ryan.

I am encouraged by your response.

Although I think that the text I wrote may not convey the meaning as English, I write sentences.

I do not want CP to be the same mechanism as stocks.
People with the ability to make people happy become more happy, and they can reach out to those who are unhappy. We hope that you want CP members to create such a familiar CP mechanism. I have proposed that design.


And thank you all.
And thank you to everyone who put me a vote.

I do not intend to vote for myself. Because I can not program CP by myself.
If I can tell one way of thinking at this place, my work is almost finished. It is like giving me the test of having to master English once I have been elected. At that time, I enjoy my hardship.



Do not vote for me! Leave me at 1 vote!

If someone votes me in, I will resign!

I will put all my votes towards you sir! You deserve it!!!

Ryan Baptiste :us:
Candidate #2


I am who you are … OK
First of all, I read your text English hard.

I would like to say one more thing.

Every person should reaffirm that they have gained much more than modern supercomputers that were born together without breaking the light of life ever since the birth of the earth without exception about 4.6 billion years.

This existence is one of the laws of the universe that can not escape the infinite possibilities

± 0 = infinite

Is showing.

That is one of the reasons why you feel your baby is mysterious.


I am located in Ontario Canada just outside of Toronto. The land of the nice and determined.

I plan on helping the foundation identify weakness in the CP ecosystem and address those weakness asap. The most important issues from my perspective are 1) getting XCP relisted on exchanges 2) Updating the website to a modernized look and feel 3) updating and releasing an official counterparty wallet that is also mobile 4) addressing/updating the newsletter and social media profiles 5) continuing on CIPS and code base. I will reply later with more details on these points.

If we had $5000 in funds that need to be spent, I think that money would best go towards maintance and server costs for the next year. Currently Jdog has been covering these expenses on his own. CP needs to take back the costs of operation rather then relying on help from one person.

I have more detailed thoughts on my next post and the ones to follow.


Long Live CP.

Ryan Peters


Hello @chiguireitor .

Thank you for your questions. Sorry for the delay in reply but Ive been giving these questions careful consideration, as it brings up many great points worth addressing. Ill get right to it.

I believe in addition to the general fund counterparty wallet that already exsists, I believe we should create three more fund wallet addresses. Devops, Dev and PR. The community and users can direct donations to the wallet they feel would benefit the donation the most. We can leave the general fund up for those who are indecisive or indiscriminate as to where their donations end up. The general wallet can be used to top up funding for approved initiatives that are just shy of full funding to help expedite.

In regards to maintaining the wallets one of the issues I struggle with is who is the custodian of the wallet/private keys and how do we trust they will act in good faith? Re implementing the multisig function for the donation wallets would alleviate the risk of hoping custodian(s) act in good faith.

Another idea would be to elect a wallet custodian/treasurer from the foundation once the foundation is established.

I would first prefer a multisig option for the wallets but if that cannot be implemented then I believe electing a wallet custodian / treasurer would be the second best option. Community can elect the foundation and then community can elect a treasurer.

Figuring out a way to allocate funds to specific projects based on priorities is a next issue the foundation has to figure out. I believe we draft up things we feel need to be done and conduct a vote on their perspective priorities. Once we establish a hierarchy of things that need to be done, we allocate funds, find the resources and get them done.

From what I understand the out-of-pocket costs that have been covered by J-Dawg for the last 2 years or so, stands at about $500 a month. These monthly costs need to be covered by the foundation/community/users. This should be top priority for the foundation to maintain an active wallet that will pay out hosting and server fees. It’s not responsible for the platform to rely on an individual to pay. Once the foundation is established these costs should be immediately taken over from J-Dog and paid by the foundation/custodian. I will personally commit .20 BTC to this cause and will encourage other users to chip in and secure the funding needed to maintain these costs.

I agree with the circle CI and would like to find out what that cost is monthly. This is another cost that should be covered by the foundation.

In regards to tracking improvements and Bug fixes, perhaps this is something one of the foundation members can take care of. I understand the paid position perspective but at this point in CP (lack of funds and liquidity) perhaps we should assign this role them somebody on the foundation willing to contribute on this end. I’m still torn on this issue so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure what deployment of new instances to geo distribute is. Can you please clarify?

Although this isn’t an area of expertise for myself, here are my thoughts. The way that things have been handled dev wise with bug fixes pull requests version release additions to the code base etc has been handled exceedingly well by you. Without your support and a handful of others counterparty would of been left for dead. The foundation will help to support you and others to continue your good work. This should be a paid position as it’s one of the most important pieces to the CP ecosystem. Iam just not sure if its a bounty, commission or a full time paid position. Your thoughts here would be greatly appreciated.

In regards to the wallet. This is another issue that should be figured out ASAP. Our current counter wallet is only available web-based and not a mobile app which is silly. Counter wallet is also clunky with a simple, effective but shitty interface. All the functions are great but the interface could use some work. I’m not sure what Jdog would say but I would be interested in having free wallet be the official xcp wallet and if possible rebranded to the xcp wallet. I’ve already publically committed to funding and opening freewallet up to the public. I stand by my pledge I’d be interested in everyone’s thoughts on this including and especially @jdogresorg.

I’m a strong advocate for redesigning and rebranding the webpage basically modernizing it as the content and functions are fine but the way theyre presented needs to change to the current landscape. The foundation should choose a template of choice/rough outline of the new site, and find a developer on fiverr, Upwork, freelancer etc.
Newsletter etc.
I believe we need to improve the newsletter to better reflect what is happening with CP rather then the projects that have /are using CP. In my opinion the newsletter should lead off with addressing the CP improvements, future plans, exciting new features, how it works, what it does etc. Then it should speak and showcase the projects running on CP. I have a rough template in mind and will follow up shortly on this matter. As for examples, explainer vids and youtube videos I have a few ideas for this that will tie into the website quite nicely.
Social media
Its my opinion that social media should be run by someone on the foundation who will be active in engagement with the BTC community. Social media is the best (because its free) to promote and excite new potential users. Pointing to use cases, CP feature sets and what is going on is just a small way to get people familiar with the platform and become users themselves. WE need someone on the foundation to promote and push all types of engagement on this front.

I would petition you to maintain as fulltime developer for CP as you have been doing. I would be interested in hearing your proposal for what you need inorder to continue on. I know many counterparty whales and BTC holders that would be interested in securing you full time for dev work. Iam interested in hearing what you need to feel secure enough. WE need you John, we cant afford to see you go.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is anything else. These thoughts are rough but in time we can revive XCP through proper PR, get it re-listed on exchanges and open the door to a new group of users.

Long Live Counterparty!

All the best,

Ryan Peters


Yes I’m great! Couldn’t be happier! :us::us::muscle:t2::heart_eyes::grinning:

Ryan Baptiste :us:


Greetings, all
Nominee No.1
Hon. Larry Shelton

RE: { I propose these things be outsourced to prospective companies and organizations, by the Foundation and as a community director, I plan to use my positioning that I have a part of a Global Consortium Banking network membered by Veterans and many great men of service. I propose a similar Counterparty based Debt Clock app, website, or something similar to ledger all the liabilities and accounts payable for the Foundation on behalf of the community. This keep the whole community aware at all times whats happening with the general funds of the community. }

  • DevOps:
    • Main servers, web page, bootstrap images hosting. This has been covered by jdog out of pocket for the past year and a half (at least).
    • Circle CI was taken down because the member that paid it went away, we should get that back online again.
    • Improvements and bugfixes need to be tracked by someone, this should be a paid position.
    • Deployment of new instances to geodistribute counterparty.

  • DEV:
    • Bug fixes, Pull request reviewal, version release control, etc.
    • Improvements and additions to the XCP codebase.
    • Development or funding of already existing wallets to further their functionality.

{ I propose that improvements and additions come through new token projects and communities, and we assist them with community or project capital structuring as a community, this makes its more lucrative for businesses, organizations, and governments to assist and get involved to better understand the needs, improvements, and additions to link our Counterparty Community to the Global Banking System.If not pushing us to the forefront of it with the power of our Bitcoin layer and protocol. We should be responsible as the Foundation on behalf of the entire community to make sure the community as a whole is receiving quality services that incorporate Counterparty into there applications on the main site Counterparty.io. This Community Initiative on and for the positive growth of the entire community will require for new CIP and extension of the XCP Codebase, we also need to make sure as the foundation that there is always a way to access and receive XCP. There we should be focused on the development of quality based products centered around XCP and its protocol and the chosen project that will premiere as the use cases of the Community. }

  • PR:
    • Webpage redesign, rebranding (maybe not changing the name, but look at enjincoin’s page and look at ours, which one would you use?)
    • Newsletter, documentation, examples, youtube videos.
    • Social media management and engagement. Not just posting a tweet once a month.

{ I propose also in addition to new professional user cases and application similar to a Bitpay and we need to involve automatic posting and much more SEO tools to expand marketing outreach and this can be done by also outsourcing the right PR’s and Brand Ambassadors, and Marketing & Bank network. I have the network and plan to make this available to all in the Counterparty Community. This will relieve the stress from Jdog and others who have given numerous assets & also many free-will contributions to the Counterparty Community; as well as my self.}

Long live Counterparty…
Best regards,

In the care of:
Hon. Larry Shelton
On behalf of:
H.I.M Dr. Lawiy Zodok El
World Temple
World Chaplin
Ph. No. 832 576 6806


Love this GSOS!

My votes have all been casted to you sir! You deserve it!

Ryan Baptiste :us::jp::canada::rocket::earth_americas::pray:


I am crying now.
I received your feelings.
I tried to put all the votes that can be entered into you. But that is not acceptable.
And I feel that being put into the others will ignore your feelings.
And I feel that I can trust this CP community again. All the current candidates are wonderful. Together with Mr. Titanium, I would like to participate in making people involved with CP happy. Although I can not speak English properly, I am determined to impose my own hardships. I will withdraw my last statement and prepare for my vote.



You are awesome sir! So happy about this. TY!

I will help you the best I can learn English!

Thank you! :us::jp::canada:

Ryan Baptiste