New here: Just want to store my coins



I have deposited my XCP coins on this web GUI:

They show up in Account History, but not in My Balances.
I just want to store my coins and then when I’m ready, I’ll see if I can transfer them somewhere and sell them.

Can someone please tell me that my coins are in the right place to do this and if there is anything I need to do?

Thanks in advance.


You can also check your balance at when enter your public address.
Or post your public address here and I can check for you.

You can also check using

Or make a screenshot of your so I can see what is wrong.


foldinger: Thanks for your reply!
As I mentioned, I just want to store my coins.
Once this is resolved, I possibly want to move them out and/or sell them.
Thanks again!

Here are the two screenshots:


Your XCP coins are there on the blockchain says the

But the server does not show them.

Can you try the other server CoinDaddy at



I just checked my balances and my coins are now showing.
Thank you very much foldinger for your help!

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