Import of funds failer!

Tried importing funds to wallet but received error saying import failure . Any help?

Try using as it will allow you to enter your 12-word passphrase, as well as import private keys for other addresses… Once you have imported a private key into, you can use that address to send Counterparty tokens just like a normal address :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ve checked out freewallet and it doesn’t have the same features as counter.
I’m looking to import btc from a wallet, then issue a token, then distribute it.
Freewallet has no distribution as far as I can see.


“Import BTC”… do you mean, just sending BTC to an address? Freewallet has this. also has distributions in the main menu as “Pay Distributions”


FYI, supports all of the current features of counterparty, whereas does not (missing support for multi-sends, sweeps, BTCpay, etc)

Thanks for your help. It appears that freewallet doesn’t have these features on Android. I don’t have access to a computer so that makes it hard thanks for your help

Hi jdog I downloaded freewallet and was going to burn some xcp but got error saying too late. I’m unsure what to do about this could you please help