How to converty MYBLT Token

I apologize for my ignorance here, however I have some MYBLT token in an indiesquare wallet and I cant seem to find a way to convert them into bitcoin, or even xcp so that ultimately I can deposit them into my account. Does anyone have any experience with this, and if so any insight would be appreciated. Posting this here because I opened a Counterparty wallet hoping I could transfer the MYBLT from indiesquare to counterparty and that they would allow some way to convert, however I cant even find a myblt wallet within counterparty.

You could sell your MYBLT for BTC on the DEX if there were any buyers, however there are no buy orders listed on the DEX for MYBLT…so, your token is essentially worthless as there is no one wanting to buy the token at this time.

Thank you very much for at least taking the time here. Ive pretty much gathered that this stuff is useless until someone wants to purchase it. Is there a way to leave an open sell order so if someone does decide to purchase, its available to them? And as XCP seems to be the pair for what I have, is there no way to convert it to XCP which I could then send to my Bittrex account, convert to bitcoin, send to coinbase, and pull out?

You could post a sell order on the DEX to sell your MYBLT for BTC or for XCP and the order will stay open for 3 months until it expires.