How do I withdraw my coval from the counterparty wallet?


I need help withdrawing my coval from my wallet. It’s not showing that I have any XCP or BTC, I’m pretty familiar with how to exchange my coins but this one’s pretty tricky


If you post your public counterwallet address then we can see what is hold inside using




You need to send a small amount of BTC to your counterwallet address to be able to withdraw your covalc coins. The btc is needed for the transaction fee in the bitcoin network which counterwallet is based on. Currently 0.00001 btc/kb should be enough.

If you want to exchange it at counterwallet DEX for XCP then you also need the btc for transaction fee.


so are you saying send btc to the address that I posted? I’m only seeing one address for my wallet


Yes at counterwallet it is one address for BTC and all counterparty tokens. But at other exchanges it is several unique addresses for each coin type. So don’t send covalc from counterwallet to an exchange’s bitcoin address but only to its covalc adress.


Got it coval to coval wallet or exchange address correct?


Yes. Only counterwallet can hold BTC, covalc and other counterparty assets in one address.


now that i have btc in my counterparty wallet can I send my coval to an exchange?


If there is an exchange which supports covalc you can send it to the exchange’s covalc deposit address using some 0.00001btc/kb as transaction fee. Or trade covalc for XCP at counterwallet DEX if available.