Future of Counterparty?

A new foundation has been elected and that really cool.
It might bring in new energy and life back to XCP not seen before.
But I have question and a proposalish that Foundation should address.
How will Counterparty scale?
Sidechain or LN?
Omni has gotten funding from Tether to make Omni use LN.

With plans(maybe??)to expand it features using this? (maybe not iffy right now)

RGB has also gotten funding from Bitfinex which is another LN token project expect it has no ICO or intermediary token like Omni/XCP.

RSK has its own token-RIF- but acts more like a utility token not affecting the sidechain. And many of the features still keeps bitcoin as a payment
It raised about 200 Million dollars.
So while their no hype for it, they are slow building the paltform and to incentives usage.
A great thing about RSK is it has smart contracts where it can do DEFI.
See moneyonchain

Where does this leave XCP?
I remember reading about how when XCP added smart contracts it brought so much buzz that it was thought to enough to rival Eth. It even helped coin the term maximalist…

But it failed to scale as Bitcoin slowly transitioned to go full on offchain scaling.
Should XCP follow the same steps of Omni and use LN with Rainbow Network(?) to gain DEFI like features?
Or do something like RSK and add smart contract like it once had?
XCP could interact with sidechains to maybe act like masternodes and gain a cut of the fees and vote for Federation members acting like a DAO?
IDC much really.
I respect XCP for what it can do.
I hold no loyality to it but to Bitcoin itself.
XCP helped extend Bitcoin but others exist and that just including the bitcoin based ones.
Best of luck to the Foundation and to the team.

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