FLDC to Binance Never Arrived!



I’m new to Counterwallet and I believe I made a big mistake, however, looking for some verifications.

I had 21K folding coin, which I attempted to send to my Binance account. When I selected the option to send my FLDC, it asked for a Bitcoin address.

I inputted my Bitcoin address from Binance, and sent the coins.

Now, when I look at my Counterwallet coins, my folding coins do not show up, and I can see that the transactions was, “valid”. However, when I look at my Bitcoin address on the other exchange, I do not see any coins.

Can someone explain what is going on? After reading the forums, I do not see anything regarding Binance, so I’m sure I did something wrong. Just trying to either get my coins back, or learn from my mistakes.

Thanks for your time and any help you can provide me in advance!


While Counterparty can work with any Bitcoin address, the Binance is probably only listening for BTC deposits on this address and not deposits of other cryptos/tokens/coins.

At this point Binance probably has your FLDC stuck in your BTC deposit address, and the best/only way to get it returned or credited to your Binance account would be to contact Binance customer support.


Thank you!

I have opened a ticket with Binance, and will post the outcome here.