Error -32000 for importing offline address

I’m trying to import an offline address (using the Armory option so I can offline sign, not just watch-only) into Counterwallet, but it fails with error -32000, “string indices must be integers”, method get_pubkey_for_address.

What can I do about this? I have some Counterparty tokens on a legacy address whose private key is in Bitcoin Core, and I don’t want to import the private key into Counterwallet. What is the best way to just do a simple token transfer and sign it offline?

you should try using desktop wallet as it allows you to import private keys and use them. is old and outdated

Thanks, I will look into it. However, ideally I don’t want to import a private key at all - I would like some wallet / tool (can even be CLI) to just create an unsigned transaction that corresponds e.g. to a Counterparty asset transfer, and then use an offline Bitcoin wallet to sign it.

As I understand it, that’s what the Armory address feature of Counterwallet was supposed to do. Is there a modern replacement for this functionality?