CIP22 - Change "indexd" to "addrindexrs"

This new proposal changes the current indexd indexing service to a more modern and maintained addrindexrs service, which is the same used by Electrum and SamouraiWallet.

Github link for the proposal

@jdogresorg would you be so kind to allocate a bounty address for this proposal?


Address 17GKi9QMyLkjEZdFexLuaQMinuhMyTVbhd has been created and assigned to collect CIP22 donations.

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Is there a link to the details of addrindexrs ?

Are there other indexing services that are actively maintained?

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Other well known indexing services are what’s generally known as “block explorers”

Blockstream, abe, btc-rpc-explorer and so on.

Most of the well known explorers/indexers are hulking behemoths that are “all-encompassing” to provide an incredible featureset at expense of CPU power and Database size.

We just need something that spits the currently unspent txids, that’s exactly what addrindexrs does at a very low CPU and Database size budget.


Thanks, looks like a good choice