Can XCP be sold on the dec for USD?

How can we sell XCP on the dec for ( USD) United States Dollars? I don’t want troptikns or bitcoin at all

The Counterparty Decentralized Exchange (DEX) does not support USD. The only way to convert XCP to USD is to first convert it to BTC on a centralized exchange.


You can find a list of the exchanges that support Counterparty (XCP) at :

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Thanks for the help!

So assuming I have 3,700,000 XCPs, but of course most of it is STBV how does that work.

I was able to convert the 3,700,000 XCPs to BTC. Is 1 STBV equal to 1 XCP?

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Please refer to this thread, as the question is already answered here.

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Thank you!

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