[ANN] Mayuyacoin, the token backed in Palladium

---------------And then, Mayuyacoin is relaunched---------

A short story

So, i had been almost two years since the token was launched and nothing happened…

But now, i decided in 2018 put a campaign in W12.io and back this token to 10 milligrams of palladium. Considering; in according to Apmex and others , that the ounce of palladium is most valuated than gold and other precious metals, we -i’m finally not alone in the team - decided to back each token in the reffered metal and relaunch the campaign

Today, after confirm our wallet, necesary step to create the website. Before, we launched an order of 100.000 MYY valuated each one in 0.21 XCP, as you can see in the block # 586978.


  • Quantity: 1 billion of Mayuyacoin backed in 10 mg of Palladium each one.
  • Price for our first round of IEO: 0.21 XCP each MYY
  • Start: 07/25
  • End: 07/28 or when the total of amount available in IEO Sale is completed

Updated 09/10/2019


We have updated the new logo and the PurplePaper.